Thursday, May 19, 2011

100 Push Ups Challenge: Who's With Us?

As I mentioned, I stumbled across the 100 Push Ups Program recently. I forced convinced Andrew to do it with me and last night we did our initial test. For the initial test, you just have to see how many push ups you can do while still maintaining good form. Then look at the chart to see which category you fall into and make a mental note of how many push ups you were able to do.

The purpose of the initial test is to help you decide where to start in week 1. It will also be nice to look at that number and see how much you have progressed after the 6 week program. To make sure that you can complete the program, feel free to do regular push ups, "girly" knee push ups (nothing wrong with those!), or even just push ups against a wall.

We were both able to do 20 regular push ups without feeling like our arms were going to give out or blood vessels were going to pop out from our face. I'm *hoping* to be able to continue doing regular push ups, but I will resort to doing "girly" push ups if I have to in order to finish the program.

So, who's willing to take on this challenge with us?
Do the initial test and let me know how you did! We'll start week 1 next week and do push ups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes each day, and you obviously don't even need a gym membership to participate!

I'll try to post the weekly schedules on here, but you can also check it out at

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