Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dusting off my Garmin

Since I haven't been able to run in a month, my Garmin has been sitting on our desk, unused and collecting dust.

With it getting dark so early and it being colder outside, my means of sweating over the past month has mostly consisted of riding this beaut inside for 45 minutes to an hour without knowing how far I've gone...

That is, until a few days ago when a new toy came in the mail!

Garmin speed & cadence sensor + Garmin bike mount = data nerd is happy once more.


  1. Very cool garmin attachment for your bike-- when I've gone riding before with my garmin, I usually just put it on my wrist, but I can see how it'd e really nice to be able to mount it where you can actually see it well!

  2. That's very cool! I hate not knowing how far I've gone, and I ALWAYS work harder if I can see some numbers to push me!

  3. yay for new gadgets :) or new ways to use them. I like the background on your blog!

  4. Whoa! The new background gave me instant migraine! My husband opened it on his wide-screen monitor and it was overwhelming! Like the colors and the concept but its a bit much....overwhelming depending on the screen its opened up on!

  5. Sorry if the background was overwhelming for others as well! I have taken it off and put up something a little more calm for now. Thanks for your input Jolene!

    I want to do something fun on the sides without being too over the top, so I'll be experimenting a little more. I really do appreciate honest feedback so if you see something that looks absolutely terrible, PLEASE let me know!! Thanks!

  6. ~Phew~ I always worry that I might hurt someones feelings but in the end I'm glad I said something. Excited about the new changes happening to your blog!


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