Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Things I Want

The Clean Bottle Runner
My Nathan Handheld has served me well, but the elastic is starting to give. Plus, this bottle looks AWESOME because it can hold my iPhone. I usually carry my iPhone in my iFitness belt (which also serves its purpose very well), but honestly sometimes I just don't feel like having something tight around my waist and I haven't been able to keep it from riding up when I am wearing tights because there is nothing for it to stick to. I don't listen to music on my phone when I run, but I do always feel much better (safety wise) when I have my phone with me. I feel like this bottle might get a little heavy with my iPhone in it, but at least I will develop some nice guns in the process...and I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's only $19.99 on the Clean Bottle website, which is really reasonable and comparable to most other handhelds. Here's a video about this bottle:

Everything Saucony Makes in ViZiPRO Pink.  Especially the Protection gloves:

The gloves I have now (Nike LIVESTRONG Lightweight gloves) are alright, but they are just fleece gloves so if it's windy at all or super cold outside my hands get cold. Sometimes they warm up after I have been running, but not always. These are wind and water resistant. And super bright and cute. AND they come with an LED light. How cool is that? They are a bit pricey at $50 (on sale on the Saucony website for $38), but I have found them on Running Warehouse for $29.88. But, I think I would need an extra small and they don't have that size in the pink. Womp.

I'd also take the Ethereal Vest (Regularly $80, on sale for $44.88 on Running Warehouse)

While we're at it, I'll also take a pair of arm warmers (Regularly $30, on sale on the Saucony website for $18 and on Running Warehouse for $17.88)

(ok - this was really 3 things, but I really just want the gloves)

I need a good base layer to wear while running. All I have right now consists of either thin short sleeve t-shirts, thin tank tops, or super thick (and too hot) Under Armor shirts. I like the look and simplicity of the Nike Miler Long Sleeve top (regularly $42, on sale on Running Warehouse for $29.88).

It looks nice and long. I can't stand short tops. Or ones that ride up. Any recommendations for a good base layer that isn't too thick?

Thankfully it hasn't been brutally cold so far this winter. Unfortunately I have a feeling we will have a few bursts of cold before it's springtime though. I have noticed my toes getting really cold on my past two outdoor runs. I think I need some thicker/warmer socks. Right now I'm wearing my Balega Hidden Comfort socks, which is also what I wear in the middle of the summer. I might try wearing my thicker cycling socks that I recently acquired and see how they work.  In the mean time I've been trying to research socks online. When I'm looking at socks online I have a hard time determining if they are meant for cold weather or warmer weather, because often it doesn't say.

There is no question that these Drymax socks are meant for cold weather. Why? Because they are called "Cold Weather Running Socks". They look promising. They are regularly $15, but are on sale on Running Warehouse for $12.95).

Again, any recommendations for socks that are made for running in cold weather?

Something unrelated to running...I want a new iPhone case. I have dropped mine a few times so the bottom is cracked and there are some nice scratches on it (thank goodness for cases, right?).

I like this one on Amazon for $21.99:

I'm also tempted to get one of these (from for $39.99:

And that's all...for today.  All of this would cost $200 so I don't think I will be buying all of it anytime soon. I did, however, sign up to work overtime tomorrow morning for the sole purpose of buying a new pair of running shoes (wow...I am so punny...sole purpose...running shoes...bah ha ha).  Hopefully I will have some money left over to buy a few of these things.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to brag about these things that I don't even have.  


  1. Check out Smartwool socks. They have many varieties, but check out the PHD Running line. They come in ultra light and light. but go for the light. They are thicker and warmer. not itchy wool at all. warm and good when wet too. Essentially no toe seam. The ultra light version is thinner, but I think too thin to hide the toe seam, so i'd suggest the running Phd light.

    I have heard great things about Dry Max socks, but I have not tried them.

  2. Smartwool socks is a great idea! I received a pair for Christmas and they are great!

    Thanks for adding to my wish list!! :)

  3. I love that Nike base layer top. Heading over there now...

  4. I love the cold weather Drymax socks I have. I was sent some to try out and have since bought two more pairs. They are warn and not very much thicker than a normal sock.

  5. I just saw that clean bottle on Shark Tank! Such a clever idea. I love the Kate Spade iPhone case. I'm in need of a new one and that is a pretty reasonable Valentine's Day gift :-)

  6. Loving the pink Saucony gear! And I clearly have to check out Running Warehouse!

  7. I got the Brooks Infinity 1/2 zip,default,pd.html?start=6&q=tops&prefn1=gender&prefv1=Women%27s&prefn2=color&prefv2=Grey and I'm pretty happy with it. It's thicker than the usual thin long sleeves I had but I've enjoyed it with the cooler weather. I can run with it on it's own during the day between the 30's and 40's. Any cooler and I add the wind/rain shield.

    Sock wise, have you looked at trail running socks? They are usually thicker. I love the drymax ones I have.

  8. I'll take one of everything! This is an awesome list!

  9. I went online and got a couple of the vizipro things! (Saucony had a 20% off code)

    They just arrived in the mail and don't fit quite how I'd like them to, so I may have to return some of the things...but I'm def keeping my arm warmers, face warmer, and gloves!


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