Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Sweat Report (2/19 - 2/25)

Last week was another good week!

Sunday - rested & enjoyed this:

Monday - Ran 10 miles in 1:46 (10:38 pace). This was the first time that I have run double digits since hurting my back last October. It was really great to be able to do that! I ran in the hilly neighborhood that I like to run in during the week sometimes, so that added an extra challenge. I had 811 feet of elevation gain throughout the run. I walked up some of the tougher hills because they were too beastly to run up to be able to conserve my energy for the run.

It snowed the day before but it was really warm on Monday, so there was a lot of melting. It was still pretty running around with snow on the grass. This was pretty, too:

Tuesday - rested.

Wednesday - Ran 2.5 miles in 25 minutes (10:00 pace) on the treadmill. Although that pace doesn't sound particularly speedy, I was did some speed work on the treadmill. I walked 1/2 a lap, then did one lap at my normal, comfortable 10:00/mile pace. Then I did some 1/2 lap speed intervals separated by 1/2 a lap at my normal pace to recover. I gradually increased the speed of the interval, starting at 6.5 mph with the first interval and ending at 8 mph for the last interval. I cooled down with 1/2 a lap at my normal pace then walked 1/2 a lap. It was fun to be able to run fast and I hope to be able to do this workout more often to help me get faster.

After getting my sweat on, I lifted weights and did a little core work for 40 minutes.

Thursday - Rode 12.26 miles in 51 minutes (14.6 mph). It was nearly 70 degrees outside on Thursday so I figured it would be a great day to ride outside with my clipless pedals for the first time. I was nervous about falling (because everyone does eventually), but I am happy to report that I didn't fall! It was a little awkward trying to get going but I'm sure I'll get better at that with practice. Andrew was really patient with me and helpful at teaching me how to get clipped in without falling. I could definitely tell a difference riding with clipless pedals and cycling shoes vs. normal pedals and running shoes. It makes riding more efficient, and I see how these could help me go faster and climb easier.

Friday - rested. I worked a 10 hour day at work so I was beat.

Saturday - Rode 10 miles in 46 minutes (13.1 mph) on the indoor trainer. Since I didn't do anything on Friday, I just wanted to do a little something to keep my legs moving. It was cold and windy (20-30 mph) so I didn't really want to run or ride outside. I knew that I would be doing a long run the next day so I tried to take it easy.

I got my long run done today (Sunday) and it was great! It was one of my best long runs in a long time. Of course you'll have to wait till next week for all of the juicy details :) On the agenda for next weekend is the Explore Your Limits 5k, which will be my first trail race.

Have a great week!


  1. Nice job! I love reading your weekly reports! I know that sounds cheesy, but it helps to motivate me!

    I am now about 10 wks pregnant and I did 5 miles of walking running this week. I am trying to increase my mileage slowly and also working on core work...but definitely not 40 minutes worth!

  2. You did it! Love your YMX shirt.

  3. Great workouts! I use the TM for all interval and speed work because the gym is easier to access than a track during the day and the child care means my daughter is entertained while I sweat my butt off. I've never tried speed sessions with a jogging stroller, nor do I ever wish to!


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