Friday, March 2, 2012

Strava GU 100,000 Mile Challenge – FREE GU!

I knew I could get you to read this if I included “FREE GU” in the title…there really is free GU involved, so keep reading!

Andrew has been using Strava for a little while now and he was telling me about this crazy cycling challenge he has entered (climbing 105,000+ feet in 45 days for a free water bottle or something). Strava is a website where you can track your running and cycling adventures and compete with fellow runners and cyclists. It is free to use but you do need some way of tracking your distance via GPS (GPS watch or using their app on your phone). Anyways, this morning Andrew mentioned that there is a challenge for runners, so I checked it out and I am signed up.

Here are the juicy details for the GU 100,000 Mile Challenge:
  • The challenge runs from March 9 through April 9.
  • If you run 100 miles during that time, you will receive an 8 pack of Peanut Butter GU.
  • If you run 150 miles during that time, you will receive an 8 pack of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel
  • If you run 200+ miles during that time, you will receive a mixed box of 24 Energy Gels
  • If everyone in the challenge runs a combined 100,000 within the 31 day period, all participants will receive a special GU VIP card for discounts (up to 35% off) and special offers from the GU website.

Pretty cool, right? Right now there are 954 people signed up. I’m spreading the word because I know so many of you run 100+ miles in a month and really love GU and free stuff. Even if you don’t think you can run 100+ miles, you should still enter for the GU VIP card if you are a fan of GU.

For more information on the challenge, check it out HERE and sign up! If you're interested in the crazy cycling challenge, you can check it out HERE.

Happy Friday everyone :)


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