Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March in Review

I really should do my month in review posts before the next month is almost half over...hmmm.

March was a good month.  I ran in my first trail race at the Explore Your Limits 5K and I set a new PR at the Martinsville Half Marathon. My running mileage was up from February but my cycling mileage was down.

As you can probably tell from my severe lack of blogging lately, I have been way busier than normal thanks to work.  In order to get my mandatory overtime done, I've been working a lot of 9 (or sometimes 10) hour days instead of 8 hours.  I still run, ride, or lift most days after work and then I come home, shower, fix and eat dinner, and get ready for the next day.  After I finish everything, it's pretty much time for bed and I'm generally tired of looking at the computer anyways, so blogging has definitely gotten pushed way to the side. The only reason I have been able to write this post is because I have this week off from work!

Running Miles in March: 84!
Cycling Miles in March: 64

Running Miles YTD: 180 (20 miles off from being on track for meeting my "B" goal)
Cycling Miles YTD: 303 (72 miles off from being on track for meeting my "B" goal)

In addition to crossing off my 2012 goal of breaking 2:05 in a half marathon, I can also cross off my (well, Andrew's and my) goal of saving up money for our emergency fund. If you are at all familiar with Dave Ramsey, we have finished Baby Step #3!. We have now started saving up money to sell our current house and eventually buy a new house! Yay!

On the schedule for April:
  • Mill Mountain Mayhem 10K (trail race) on 4/14...I'm kind of nervous about this one because the trails are pretty rocky and there is a lot of elevation change. Since I'm running a half the very next weekend (which, oddly enough, goes up the same mountain on a different route), my goal is to finish without hurting myself!
  • Blue Ridge 1/2 Marathon on 4/21...I love this race! But I haven't been as diligent with my hill training this year because hills aggravate my back, so I might have a hard time with this one. I know I will have fun though! 


  1. Giiiiirrrrllll, you have some major respect coming from my direction in regards to the BR Half. I can't wrap my head around that one (yet)! I might be hanging out as a spectator though! Good luck!!

  2. That's a mighty fine month! Best of luck with your April races.

  3. HEY! Awesome job on both the mileage and BS#3! HUGE HUGE HUGE Dave Ramsey fan right here and I love hearing about others who do, too!

    On the running front...we found out we're expecting so I am slowly working on my mileage...its been more walking than running but I plan to remedy that soon! I'm printing out my schedule and plan making myself a goal and even with a little one kicking around in their I plan to accomplish big things! (Ok, sounding a bit overconfident but hey, go big or go home, right?)

    So glad to know your still running and cycling and so very sorry to hear that your working so much. NOT FUN! But its helping you out a ton with your debt-free journey!

  4. Congrats on getting a PR and running your first trail race! Have fun at your two upcoming races and with the week off from work!

  5. I've given up on monthly reviews. I can't get around to do it anymore. Heck I barely find time for blogging between marathon training and work anyway.
    Great job on both mileage, it makes you a well rounded athlete in my opinion.
    Yeah for the trail race (my favorite kind), I usually find a more chill spirit during those races. On the half, well I hope I get to see you there.


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