Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012 in Review

April went by so. stinkin' fast. Just like this blog post is going to be.

Running Miles in April: 62
Cycling Miles in April: 71

Running Miles YTD: 242
Cycling Miles YTD: 374

Races in April: 

In other news: 
  • I had signed up for a trail half this past weekend (Trail Nut).  I started getting sick last Monday with a really bad cold.  I have never been that congested in my life!  I wasn't getting better very quickly so on Tuesday I e-mailed them asking to drop down to the 10K.  On Wednesday I couldn't really turn or tilt my head to the right.  My chiropractor suggested that I not do the race and I agreed.  I ended up not doing it at all. 
  • We bought a new house! (pending home inspection this week *fingers crossed!*)
  • Our current house goes on the market this week.  Needless to say we've been crazy busy getting it cleaned and de-cluttered. I'm concerned about living in it while trying to sell it at the same time, especially with a cat who likes to occasionally leave various kinds of "presents" on the floor. 
  • I didn't run, ride, or lift weights AT ALL last week between my cold, my neck, and all of this house stuff. It happens.
  • Andrew and I have a 50 mile ride coming up in a month and I'm a little concerned about it.  Not only have we not done much training (I've never ridden past 35 miles...), but we also both have to raise $200 for Tour de Cure.  Not that I don't want to raise money for it, but I don't have a lot of time/energy to devote to doing so right now. I've raised $105 from family, so I have $95 left to go! If you would like to donate, here's the link:


  1. WOW! Your still alive! (heehee)

    Seriously, though, I am glad your feeling better. We went to Chicago a week ago and all got the flu! We still managed to have fun.

  2. I've tried to push through illness before and it's no joke. It was bad enough that I til taught spin sick, but trying to keep up with running on top of that nearly incapacitated me. Good call on backing out of the race- best to rest up and get ready for your ride. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations on your new home!!!! That is exciting news. Glad you are feeling better this week.


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