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Achiva Native Energy Review & Giveaway

Last week I received a tweet from Tori at Achiva Native Energy. The tweet simply stated, "We are a Chia Seed based sports nutrition company focused on improving the performance of ALL athletes. Find us at"

So, I checked out their website and found out exactly what Achiva Native Energy was:

"Achiva Native Energy Chia Chai Tea mix is the perfect blend of chia seed, coconut water powder, unrefined demerara sugar and our own chai tea blend. This combination offers the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as natural electrolytes (magnesium, potassium and sodium). One scoop of this delicious, all-natural mix will get you on your way and will provide the sustained energy needed to keep you going. Whether you are a weekend warrior or training for your 20th marathon, Achiva Native Energy will help you reach your potential."
Sounds good to me - sign me up! I asked if I could try out their product and do a review and giveaway on my blog and two days later I received my own bag of Achiva Native Energy.

Before I tried it out, I read some more about it. Here's some more information from their website about the benefits of their product:

"First and foremost our recipes contain a minimum number of ingredients and each ingredient is all natural."
This is always a plus for me. If you can't pronounce half the stuff on the ingredient list, it's probably not the best for you. I'm not one to talk though because I definitely eat way more un-natural things than I should.

Ingredients in Achiva Native Energy: chia seeds, demerara sugar, coconut water powder, chai tea blend, sea salt. Sounds pretty natural to me!

Nutritional Info: 1 scoop has 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 10 carbs, 7 grams of sugar, 3 grams dietary fiber, and 2 grams of protein. There are 13 mg sodium and 40 mg potassium.

So, why chia?

"Chia is a very unique seed that benefits athletes in two specific ways. First, the calories that you get from them come from balanced sources. These little seeds provide energy from carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The carbohydrates come in the source of easily digested soluble fiber, the protein comes from the most complete amino acid profile you can get from a vegetarian source, and the fats come in the source of super healthy omega 3s. This balance insures that you will not get a quick hit of energy that will burn off quickly. Instead, you will get energy from a sustained energy source that easily digests.

Secondly, chia has the ability to absorb more than nine times its weight in water. This ability to hold on to water offers prolonged hydration. Fluids and electrolytes are critical to exercise. Your body regulates their concentration and composition in order to maintain the proper balance. Chia seed helps your body retain moisture and more efficiently regulate the body’s absorption of nutrients and body fluids, thereby maintaining the electrolyte balance."
What about the other ingredients?

"We take a chia seed base and combine it with other important ingredients; including unrefined sugar, dehydrated coconut water, and sea salt. The unrefined sugar provides the initial energy that you need to get going. Combined with the chia seed, the sugar should digest at a slower rate and provide more prolonged energy. The coconut water is an excellent source of natural electrolytes, especially potassium. This is important because potassium plays a critical role in muscle contraction. Muscle activity can be compromised if potassium levels are low. However, too much potassium can cause electrolyte imbalance. So, we have added some sea salt, which provides sodium, to keep your electrolytes in balance. We hope that you find, like we have, that Achiva Native Energy provides the critical nutritional components that athletes of all walks of life need."
After I was all educated about Achiva Native Energy, I decided to give it a try.

When I opened the package, I will admit that I was a little sceptical.

The packaging suggests mixing one scoop with 12 ounces of water. The packaging also lists a few things to keep in mind and a few suggestions that they make for consumption. First, it reminds you that the primary ingredient is seeds. They've done their best to grind them up, but they will not dissolve. They let you know that there are a bunch of highly chemical and overly processed alternatives available that will dissolve completely if that's what you're looking for. BOO-YAH. (it doesn't say boo-yah on there).

Their next reminder is that the seeds act strange when mixed with water, but they remind you not to be scared when it starts to gel up a bit because the gel is what gives these seeds their magic.

Next, Achiva suggests giving it 15 to 20 minutes after you mix your drink to allow the seeds to do their thing. This allows your drink to taste smoother, but nutritionally it's all the same!

Also, they recommend consuming it 15 minutes before excercising.

So, here we go:

Since the packaging suggested to wait a little bit, I put the glass in the refrigerator and came back about 20 minutes later.

If I'm going to be completely honest, I will say that the looks of this drink in water kind of scared me. BUT, I tasted it anyways and I did really enjoy the taste. The texture wasn't too weird, though it definitely wasn't like drinking a regular liquid (you could tell that there was something in there). I wasn't expecting it to be sweet enough (if I drink any kind of tea I must put 1-2 packets of Splenda in it), but it actually had a nice flavor. However, I didn't enjoy the consistency of it in water and really couldn't get over the way it looked in the water.

So, since I'm stubborn one to never give up, I started over. I decided to make a "milkshake" which basically consisted of Vanilla Soy Milk and Dannon Vanilla Greek Yogurt. I added one scoop of Achiva Native Energy and blended it up.

MUCH BETTER! Apparently I was only having problems with the consistency in water and the way it looked because this milkshake was delicious and I drank the whole thing and wanted more. The "gelling" of the chia seeds also helped it to be thicker, which made it even better.

Before my 7 mile run on Wednesday afternoon, I mixed a scoop with a cup of vanilla soy milk before I went running. I was a little worried about drinking milk before I went running, but thankfully I was fine! I really felt good on my run and I felt like I had enough energy for my whole run (sometimes I get a little fatigued by the end of my mid-week sorta long run). Achiva Native Energy also has 20 mg of caffeine in it, so I think that also helped me to wake up for my run.

So the bottom line is that Achiva Native Energy definitely has my vote...just maybe not in water.

Do you want to try some?

Tori has graciously agreed to send a bag to one lucky reader! If you just can't wait, you can purchase a 24 serving bag on their website for $18. You can also find it at these retailers.

Here's how to enter:
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This giveaway will go through Friday, September 9, 2011, and the winner will be chosen using The winner will be announced via blogpost on Saturday or Sunday.

Good luck!

The opinions expressed above are my own. I was sent a bag of Achiva Native Energy for free in exchange for a review. The winner will be provided a bag free of charge.


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