Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marathon Training Week #8 Recap

Woohoo! Another week down. I got to thinking the other day and I realized that we only have four more super duper long runs (as in long runs that aren't cutback weeks) until the marathon! 11, 17, 18, 13, 20, 12, 20, 12, 8, RACE DAY. Craziness.

I also watched this video and it got me excited:

(click HERE if the video doesn't work)

Here's how this week's training went...

On the schedule: cross-train
I made this my rest day instead. I'm not sure why but I think it had something to do with not having any time/energy to do anything.

On the schedule: rest
Walked 2.25 miles in 41 minutes (18:17 pace). I realize this is hardly considered exercising. I wanted to go for a ride, but the radar was threatening storms. Of course, it ended up being a beautiful evening. It was a nice walk and I wasn't really too concerned with going fast or breaking a sweat (clearly). I guess it's better than nothing, right?

On the schedule: run 4 miles
Did 20 minutes of weights then ran 4 miles in 38:22(9:34 pace) on the treadmill. I'm trying to be better about consistently working weight training into my schedule because I know it's good for me. This made my quads a little sore the rest of the week, though.

On the schedule: run 7 miles
Ran 7 miles in 1:12:36 (10:22 pace) outside. I felt like I was running a little faster than what my watch said but the warmer temperature and the hills had me fooled (389 ft of elevation gain).

On the schedule: run 4 miles
Did 25 minutes of weights then ran 4 miles in 40:16 (10:03 pace) on the treadmill.

To mix things up a bit I worked in some hill intervals:
1 mile at 6 mph and 0%
1.5 miles at 5.7 mph: 2 minutes at 2%, followed by 2 minutes at 4% with 1 minute of 0% between hills (x4)
.5 miles at 6 mph and 0%
1 mile at 6.2 mph and 0%

On the schedule: rest

On the schedule: run 15 miles
Ran 15 miles in 2:50 (11:19 pace). This was my longest run ever to date. I actually felt pretty good about it.

11:19 seems slow but I think it's right about where we should be. Miles 1-6 were all in the 10's (pretty standard for us when you consider that we walk for 1 minute every 10 minutes), then miles 7-9 hit us with some hills. For miles 10-13 we were fairly consistent yet a little bit slower. I think by miles 14 and 15 we were just straight up tired and ready to be done. But we kept going and that is what's important. I have no other goal/expectation except to finish, so I really shouldn't pay too much attention to how fast or slow we're going. In all honesty, I think our slower pace and regular walking breaks is (1), why I'm able to go this far and (2), why I was still functioning after my run and why I wasn't too sore the day after (with my new compression socks and sleeves also being a contributory factor). I was certainly tired, but I could walk and go up and down stairs with no problem.

Another reason we might have gone a bit slow was that it was so. stinkin'. humid. When we started out it was 73 degrees and 91% humidity. I'm thankful it wasn't hot, but 91% humidity is downright oppressive. I was soaked after a mile. After a few more miles, if I looked down sweat would pour (not just drip) off the end of my hat. It was disgusting. Over the course of the run I consumed 78 ounces of nuun and while I was stretching out after I was done I drank about another 20 ounces of water. I consumed 3 Gu gels (@ miles 4, 8.5ish, and 12ish). On the way home I ate another one. I made it a point to drink plenty of fluids the rest of the day and I refueled with some oatmeal topped with raisins, honey, flax seeds, vanilla protein powder, and soy milk when I got home. I took my 20 minute ice bath and I was ready to go for the rest of the day (although I was a little tired...).

I'm thankful that this upcoming weekend is a cutback week - *only* 11 miles!

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  1. I'm working up to a marathon and I really enjoy reading everyone's different training methods and the trials and triumphs that come with marathon training.

    We are doing 5 Days of Giveaways on our blog this week if you or any of your readers want to stop by!

  2. I love reading about your training... you had a great week it looks like! congrats on your longest run ever! :) I'm heading out for my longest run ever of 14 miles today... yikes! a little nervous! lol

  3. Great job on those 15 miles! I think everything you wrote about your pace during the long run is true. 91% is gross. I wore a t shirt the other day and it felt like running in a ball gown!
    Great job on the training!

  4. Good job! You are going to do great in your marathon!


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