Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marathon Training Week #9 Recap

We're half way done already?! I know we still have a few long, hard runs ahead of us, but I can't believe we're already half way through!

Here's how this past week's training went:

On the schedule: cross-train
I used this as my rest day because we had family in town and we were busy spending time with them! We had a busy day after my 15 miles the day before, and we stayed pretty busy on Sunday, too. I was pretty tired all day honestly.

On the schedule: rest
I made this my cross-training day since I rested the day before. I wanted to go on a real bike ride, but it was raining. So I went to the gym and rode on the spin class bikes (I feel like they are better than the standard bikes on the floor, plus I don't feel as weird standing up and "climbing" if I'm in the spin class by myself as opposed to out in the open). I don't really know how far I went, but I went for 45 minutes so I'll guesstimate about 11-13 miles.

On the schedule: run 4 miles
Did some weights for 30 minutes then ran 4 miles on the treadmill in 37:46 (9:26 pace). For this run I ran the first mile at 6 mph to get myself warmed up. Then I increased the speed by .1 mph each 1/2 mile until I was done, with an additional .1 mph increase the last 1/4 mile. Progression runs are so easy to do on a treadmill! (Read more about progression runs HERE and HERE)

On the schedule: run 7 miles
Ran 7 miles in 1:17 (11:02 pace) outside in a hillier neighborhood (635 feet of elevation gain). It was really nice outside thanks to some clouds and cooler temperatures. I was also running in some uncharted territories so there were new things to look at and it made the time go by faster! I also was running with my running partner, which also helps the miles to go by faster. I felt pretty good!

On the schedule: run 4 miles
I decided to bike for 20.35 miles in 1:27 (14.1 mph pace) instead. It's not that I didn't want to run, but it was so nice outside and I really wanted to ride my bike. I rode with my dad for part of it, then my dad rode with my mom for the rest of the time (she likes to go slower...not a bad thing!). I know I've said this before (but I'm going to say it again to reaffirm it in my own mind), but I really don't think missing a 4 mile run every now and then will hurt me. Sometimes I just need a break from running before I get burned out!

On the schedule: rest

On the schedule: run 11 miles
This was another cutback week and I was SO thankful for it. It was also beautiful and cool outside so it made for a really great run. We ran 11 miles in 1:56:13 (10:33 pace), and we took 1 minute walking breaks every 10 minutes. To be honest, this run seemed "easy" to both of us and we felt like we should have been doing more! I NEVER thought I would say that about an 11 mile run. This was a confidence-boosting run, for sure.

I'm already looking forward to the weather forecast for this weekend:

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  1. I too am looking forward to cooler temperatures this weekend! Running outside won't leave me pouring sweat after the first half mile!


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