Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: WHOOPS!

I took this picture yesterday at the gym. It's very important to get back NI shape once the kids are back NI school.

I'm wondering (1), if they did this on purpose (I don't think so) (2), why none of the staff has noticed because the signs are all over the place, and (3), why nobody else said anything or if anyone else noticed (clearly I didn't want to speak up and say "umm...did you mean to spell 'in' wrong?").


  1. I totally would've asked....but I think I'm gonna assume that most people probably didn't notice....and those that did, like you, chose not to say anything :)

    That is HILARIOUS!!

  2. How do you NOT notice that? Spelling errors on advertisements or in books drive my batty.

  3. haha. ummm yeah. that is totally random!

  4. That makes me crazy. Sign on the parkway: tree's down exits 23-28. Really? One gigantic tree fell between five exits?

  5. uh really? No one working there caught that? That is pretty pathetic! I can't even figure out how it would be on purpose...


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