Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Recap, 2013 in Review, and 2014 Goals

December Stats:
Running miles: 5 (not making progress, I know)
Walking miles: 0 (stopped keeping track)
Cycling miles: 148

YTD stats:
Running miles: 391
Walking miles: 125
Cycling miles: 1704
Total Human-Powered miles in 2013: 2220

With Thanksgiving coming very late in November and Christmas celebrations spread out over a few days, December FLEW by. My hip started to bug me at the beginning of December so I backed off the running (what little bit of it there was to back off from, anyways...). I spent 8 hours on the trainer doing Sufferfest videos and got to go for 2 outside rides on warmer days. I did a little bit of strength training, but not as much as I should have done.

2013 in Review and 2014 Goals
Looking back, 2013 was both epic and not so epic. The epicness: running my first marathon and riding my first full century. While I am very proud of these accomplishments, the rest of my year just felt kind of...off. When I was running a lot, I didn't really bike much. Thanks to messing up my hip, I really haven't run much since my marathon, so I've been cycling a ton and really loving it. I wish there could have been more balance between the two. Over the past 6 months, cycling has moved from my #2 love to my #1 love. Cycling brings me just as much enjoyment as running does, except it hurts way less the next day. When I was running a lot and when I do get the occasional run in now, I'd sometimes wake up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Cycling? Not so much. Ugh, I sound like an old person! Anyways, I'm totally fine with this shift, but sometimes I feel like I'm abandoning running like it's some sort of SPCA animal (that sounds so weird, I know).

Fitness goals for 2014:
I considered setting a lofty mileage goal for 2014 of running/riding/walking more miles than I travel in a car. But I realized it'd be a total PITA to keep track of how many miles I rode in a car, plus my estimated mileage was somewhere around 5,000+ miles, so I don't think that's a very realistic goal for me. I don't really have a specific mileage goal in mind, so I'll say more than last year, which was 2220 combined running/walking/cycling miles. 

  • Stop making excuses for not running and be consistent.
  • Finish the Blue Ridge Half Marathon. They made the course 2x harder for 2014 so I know this is going to be a PW (personal worst). I know this seems like a defeatist attitude, but I'm just being realistic. 
  • I've logged 16 hours on the trainer since the beginning of November. I'd like to get to 48 hours before the end of indoor training season (March/early April?). 
  • Ride in at least one century, preferably more.
  • Build my confidence with riding on the road and descending. 

Starting back in January of this year I decided I'd try the Paleo diet, but I always referred to it as my "Paleo-ish" diet because I rarely went a day without eating a little something non-Paleo. I definitely made some healthy changes to my diet in 2013 which I will carry into 2014 and beyond, such as eating more "whole" foods and eliminating fake foods out of a box that have a million ingredients. But recently I've come to the conclusion that a diet, Paleo or not, is not for me. A diet insinuates restrictions. Personally, when I don't stick to these restrictions, I beat myself up mentally. I can tell myself oh, it's okay to cheat occasionally, just do so in moderation. To me, cheating = bad. So even if I tell myself it's okay, it's still classified as being "bad" in my mind. I've realized that this is an unhealthy way of thinking, so I'm backing off of the whole Paleo/diet thing. I have really enjoyed making a lot of new Paleo recipes, so I'm definitely going to keep those in the dinner rotation most of the time. I just won't feel bad for eating oatmeal for breakfast, having some rice with my dinner, or even enjoying a little ice cream.

My nutrition goals for 2014: 
  • Eat healthy stuff.
  • If something makes me feel bad (stomach ache, etc.), don't eat it. This includes feeling the need to finish everything on my plate even if I know it's way more than I should be eating.
  • Eat in a way that helps me to become a stronger, healthier athlete. 
  • Don't beat myself up for having a treat (a treat, not a cheat). 

So those are my fitness/nutrition goals for 2014. I know none of them are crazy, out-of-my-comfort-zone goals, but I like to be able to actually achieve my goals and celebrate when I blow them out of the water. Hopefully in another year I'll be doing just that. 

Happy New Year! 

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  1. I'm biking more lately, too. I didn't keep track of the miles like I did with my running, though. This year, I plan to. You got in a lot of good miles in 2013!


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