Friday, May 3, 2013

April Recap

April stats:
Running Miles: 67 (low due to marathon taper and little/no running post-marathon)
Walking Miles: 13
Cycling Miles: 76

YTD stats:
Running Miles: 319
Walking Miles: 51
Cycling Miles: 338
Total Human-Powered Miles in 2013: 708

Obviously the most exciting part about April was finishing my first marathon. I spent the first 3 weeks of April in taper-mode, with 12 and 8 mile not-so-long runs after my 22 miler at the end of March. I tried not to push it too hard on any of my mid-week runs. I continued to incorporate cycling and strength training, except for the week before the marathon when I skipped my date with the weights.

After the marathon I took it really easy for about a week with walking and easy spinning on the trainer. I went for my first post-marathon run this past Monday (9 days after the race), and apparently I wasn't all the way recovered yet even though I felt perfectly fine. About a mile into my run the front of my hip (hip flexor) started to hurt again, just like it did after the marathon, with pain when I try to lift my leg up (the motion you use when you bring your leg up/forward as you run).

It only hurt for about a day after my run, but I decided to give my legs at least another week of rest from running. Cross training it is!

So, what's next? I am signed up for the Run for the Dream half marathon in Williamsburg on June 2. I won the entry from Melissa at Live, Love & Run. Honestly, I'm not very sure how this will go! I feel like I still need to recover a little longer from the marathon, but I also feel like I should do one or two decent long runs (10ish miles) beforehand. Hopefully the endurance I built up during marathon training won't fade away before then!

After this, I don't have any races on the schedule, but I'm sure that I'll sign up for some. My goal for the summer is to stay in "half marathon shape", be consistent with my strength training, and I also want to incorporate some high-intensity workouts into my routine. So with that said, what is your favorite high-intensity workout?