Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Recap

May stats:
Running Miles: 4 (sad)
Walking Miles: 19
Cycling Miles: 158

YTD Stats: 
Running Miles: 323
Walking Miles: 70
Cycling Miles: 496
Total Human-Powered Miles in 2013: 889

Not only is it 9 days into June, but my last blog post was my April Recap. Terrible blogger, I know. As much as I wish I was more of a regular blogger, I honestly haven't had much to write about. I work every day of the week and sometimes on Saturdays, I come home and exercise most days, I make dinner, pack lunches and get ready for the next day, and go to bed. Not only do I live such an exciting life, but rarely do I actually have time to blog. Anyways...(because none of you really care about why I don't blog much)...moving on.

I haven't done any more races since the marathon, though I really wish I could have run in a few of the million 5Ks this spring. I ran a whopping 4 miles in May - one 2 miler and two 1 milers. Each of them about a week apart and ending with some lingering hip pain. I realized that each time I tried to run again I was probably just setting myself back, so I decided to just take a longer break from running. And looking back, I probably didn't give myself enough recovery time after the marathon. I'm three weeks into this break, and I'll probably wait at least two more weeks before running again, maybe longer. I'm pretty convinced that most minor injuries (i.e. ones that don't require surgery), can be healed with a month+ of rest.

Instead of running, I've been doing quite a bit of cycling, which doesn't hurt my hip at all, and I've continued to lift weights usually twice a week. I've reminded myself (so as to find a silver lining of not running), that I really hate running in the heat and humidity. Cycling is not nearly as bad in the heat, and it's still a great workout without being so hard on the joints. And since I've met my big running goal for the year (running a marathon), I'm not too bummed about not being able to run right now. The only thing I really miss is that running is a very efficient form of exercise (calorie burn to time ratio), and it takes much less of a time commitment than going for a ride.

To keep me motivated to keep riding, Andrew and I will most likely be signing up to do the Back Roads Century ride in late September (that's 100 miles, for all of you non-cyclists or people that don't know that a century = 100). So regardless of when I'll be running again, my focus will be shifting to cycling for a while. I think it will be nice to have a change of pace for a while (no pun intended).